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Whether you are just getting started or have been working toward your dream for years, we can help. Our very name, Lithos, comes from a Greek word meaning cornerstone, and that's our commitment: to help you build a solid foundation for building and achieving your vision.  Some businesses take off quickly, experiencing early success only to find themselves sinking in the mire of an unclear vision, vague or non-existent procedures, and reactionary hiring (and firing) processes.  Other businesses have years of success before the business demand starts to overwhelm capacity.  Whether you want to launch your business from a solid foundation, find solutions to current challenges, or prepare for rapid growth, we will help you achieve your vision!


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Leadership & Business Coaching

Although some people have a tendency to step up, powerfully effective leaders are not born. They are developed.  Intentionally. Iron sharpens iron. Leadership development & systematic business growth form the core of our professional coaching program for entrepreneurs, executives & managers.
Let us help you develop your leaders.

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On-demand & Onsite Training Programs

For more than 20 years, we have been researching, reading, attending, weeding through, and creating training programs on business and leadership.  We continually research best practices & study success stories so that we can provide effective, practical, hands-on courses to help your business grow.
Let us help you achieve your vision.

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Assessments for Hiring & Development

You value people: customers, partners, family, employees & their families.  Surrounding yourself with empowered, effective people makes your business run more profitably & life just, well, better.  We provide research-proven assessments along with evidence-based training to help you empower yourself & all the people you lead.
Let us help you find and keep the right people.

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