group-coachingTransliterated Lithos, the Greek word λίθος means jade, rock, stone; semiprecious stone, gem, gemstone, jewel, precious stone.   In some uses, λίθος refers to a flat stone with an inscription, or a stone tablet.  It is also translated cornerstone.

Leann Murphy founded this company in 2011 to help entrepreneurs and executives achieve their visions--and she believes that the key to growth and success starts with a firm foundation built on a solid cornerstone. That belief permeates every part of our approach and philosophy for helping you achieve your vision.  We start with the cornerstone to build a solid foundation on which we work together to build your success.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Leann Murphy
Founder & Senior Consultant
Leann Murphy is the Founder of Lithos and the Senior Consultant for Achieve Your Vision
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