Leadership & Business Coaching

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Coaching starts with learning about your dream and exploring your vision.  We spend time and use valuable tools to get to know you and to discover your strengths and talents as well as skills you want to grow.  Together, we develop a clear game plan for helping you develop your business, enhance your life and pursue your passion. Then, we help you implement your plans and achieve your vision by providing powerful project management

On-Site and On-Demand Training Programs

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Business books overflow library shelves; gurus spout advice from the cover of Forbes & Inc; business trends pop up all day long on Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.  The sheer volume of advice can overwhelms you. We believe in proven success.  We continually research and explore to find those tools and advice that translate into practical, effective business practices specific to your business, your needs.  If it will help you develop a firm foundation from which to launch your life and business (ad)ventures, if it will prepare you to face rapid growth, if it will help you endure adversity or avoid pitfalls, we help you learn & use it.  If you find yourself facing a new challenge and in need of specific training to help you overcome, we will work with you to identify the problem, find solutions, and to train your team to implement the new approach. 



Assessments and Tools to Empower People

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You value people: your customers, your partners, your family, your employees and their families.  Surrounding yourself with empowered and effective people makes your business run more profitably and life just, well, better.  We provide research-proven assessments and evidence-based training to help you empower yourself and all the people you lead: from hiring the right person for the right job to reducing conflict to increasing engagement and motivation